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Seamed Nylon stockings Collector Schiaparelli -50%

jeudi, décembre 10th, 2009

bas nylon collector

Bas nylon Schiaparelli by Caroline B

The Schiaparelli stockings is the rarest in the last 20 years.

It was produced only 1,000 copies numbered 1 to 900 and sold around the world since 2005.

These are the last 100 pairs of this collection of couture down to Full Fashion ultra rare.

It is sold here in its heel ZIG ZAG, pyramidal fashion with white net top with the back.

It is completely original not a young or old reprint. The logo is screenprinted in Schiaparelli pink old as the golden age.

It is sold in exclusive world, the bottom is priceless … because it is unique.
This stockings is not refunded or exchanged beacause the boxes is not sealed.

Brand: Schiaparelli exclusiv by Caroline B
Composition : 100% Polyamide
Sheer : 15 Deniers
Color : Black

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Caroline 10 nylon stockings : Pic of the day

mardi, octobre 20th, 2009
Caroline 10 nylon stockings by Caroline B

Caroline 10 nylon stockings by Caroline B

Ultra sheer stockings the famous Caroline 10 from Caroline B Fashion

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Nylon stockings Couture: Pic of the day

lundi, octobre 19th, 2009


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Nylon stockings : Pic of the day

jeudi, septembre 24th, 2009
Nylon stockings by http://www.caroline-b.fr/

Nylon stockings by http://www.caroline-b.fr/

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Nylon stockings elegance

mercredi, septembre 2nd, 2009
Nylon stockings Elegance

Nylon stockings Elegance by Caroline B Fashion

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Nylon stockings : Meet Annabelle

vendredi, août 14th, 2009
Black and Red

Black and Red

Meet Annabelle. She and her husband are our best friends and, like my wife, Annabelle has relegated pantyhose to the dark depths of her panty drawer, never to be seen again.
Seamed fully fashioned nylon stockings from Caroline B – in black, brown, beige – are worn as a sensuous, erotic, sexily-charged second skin by both ladies, appreciated by both us husbands of course, but worn by our ladies to secure the eye of the eligible good looking male, worn so that pointed heels accentuate trim ankles, complementing stilleto heels, worn so that strictly straight seams take the eye of that handsome, promising male up along shapely calf, inviting thigh, double-welt stocking top, garter belt hook, and beyond….
Annabelle exciting us with the tale of the young man whom she sighted in the swimming pool at our friends’ party, provocatively, naughtily, throwing him her panty, he climbing out to closer admire her black seamed Caroline B stockings, he careful not to snag them as they slipped to the sauna where Annabelle released his urgent engorged maleness from his ridiculously over-small swimming trunks and consumated their meeting.
It was a lovely story and relaxed us into the appropriate sexciting frame of mind, our sensual, tactile wives collaborating to open the door marked ‘Liberation’, exchanging husbands, leading us willingly through the door, embracing freeedom and dispensing with our chains, and into an evening of pure erotically-charged hedonism, we promising not to snag or damage their Caroline B seamed nylons. As if we ever would!

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Nylon stockings : Your professor is in love

mercredi, août 12th, 2009

Caroline 10 in beige trensparency

Ah, university! Political history. Boys. Economics. Boys. Business Studies. And that indiscreet affair with the professor of history. But now you’re a Graduate, and getting ready for the real world.
And your ever thoughtful father, exceedingly happy you’re fast becoming a sophisticated lady, has showered you with presents, diaphanous chocolate top, leopard skirt, strappy sandals, and a pair of subtle, beige-colored Caroline B seamed stockings.
Exceedingly proud as well as happy, he snaps away with his camera, careful not to capture your giggling happy face, careful to respect your privacy. Like a derranged fashion photographer he shouts his orders as he has you posing on the settee every which way, you very careful not to snag your brand new Caroline B seamed nylons, aware of the heavy date you have tonight – the professor of history is in town and dinner and much more is promised. Will your professor notice your Caroline B seams?
Of course he will! Your professor is in love with your shapely legs and trim ankles and you will not be unhappy as he enjoys the soft, sexily sensuousness of your Caroline B beige nylons and the soft warmth of your creamy thighs. Just don’t forget – at midnight you return to an anxious father, careful to return with your Caroline B beige seamed nylons in place, no snags, seams in place, babbling on about your evening, the meal, the wine, the professor, his delight at your nylons, your mutual magic carpet ride in a bed as big as the Parc de Paris. Graduation Day. From girl to woman. But you still giggle as you give father your seed-soaked panty for him to treasure.

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Nylon stockings : Ecstatic evening story

samedi, août 8th, 2009


The apartment next door has been empty for so long but, suddenly, it has a new owner, an artist whose painting and photographs are respected and admired. A neighbourly invitation to dinner is extended and he leaves his unpacking for another day.
Under the gaze of her proud, admiring husband our lady selects a black party dress and black seamed Caroline B stockings, teamed with high heels, and rushes back to the kitchen to ensure the meal is coming together. The neighbour is indeed a very handsome fellow, open-neck shirt reveals a tanned muscle-bound body, a gold medallion, narrow hips in white chinos.
He immediately voices his appreciation of the pointed heels and seams of our lady’s Caroline B stockings and offers to paint her a soon as his easel and paints are out of their packing cases. The Champagne cocktails, the fine food, the rare wine, the whiskey liqueurs all melt into one to make the evening an outstanding success, and over coffee our lady can at last relax, slipping to the floor at the feet of their guest.
While husband takes the opportunity to capture the moment on his camera, our lady enters into deep intellectual discussion about ‘what is art?’, quizzes him about the ‘when’ and ‘what pose?’ of the promised painting of her, the dimming of the lights emboldening both her and guest to take their tete-a-tete to a more erotically sublime plane, an effortless opening followed by the erotically-charged warmth of her mouth and wickedness of her tongue, taking the guest into a nirvana wonderland, his hurriedly issued hot seed a fitting climax to an ecstatic evening.

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