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Caroline B: New Collection Nylon stockings Clio

New collection, low Clio are back on Caroline B Fashion.

A beautiful nylon stockings sailing available in three colors. Softly at a price as low at less than 9 euros.

Fluid, soft, reinforced heel and toe (RHT) that has their fans down, it comes ironed flat. The icing on the cake there are also bright red, which changes a bit of traditional colors.

A fishnet stockings that stands alone, in 4 sizes, because the size of a low is important even if it stands alone. It is an inescapable fashion. A sure your wardrobe. It gives the leg from a distance of wonderful effects of light.

Another new collection of stockings, in Lycra that stands alone. It is a sheer lycra 100% Lycra with lace on the back.

Excellent low for those who, from time to time, abandoning the suspenders. There will be other colors if you wish.

It comes in 4 sizes, the tip and heel are reinforced as a true nylon stockings. To have a backup in his closet or in her handbag.

Clio is a very old brand of stockings over 50 years and was highly experienced in the 1960s. Trusted brand with the slogan of the day was: « The culmination of your style is down Clio, stockings confidence, sure of himself, sure of yourself, « the message of ancient vintage wallet nylon stockings suits her perfectly.

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