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Nylon stockings pic of the day

mardi, mai 11th, 2010

nylon stockings pic of the day

Nylon stockings chestnut, tan instant transparent and femininity.
© www.caroline-b.com

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Save off 10% with Gift code at each order

mercredi, mai 5th, 2010

Small gifts maintain the friendship. Now, the gifts you save off 10% to each order.

Nylon stockings this year, have never been so affordable.

You’d understand, our desire is to offer the best nylon stockings at the best price.

We only sell nylons and we are the only ones to do, maybe it’s not a coincidence.

Furthermore, we only sell nylons selected for their femininity and their transparency.
Because we love your legs look like you, they are a reflection of your beauty and your elegance, luxury is priceless especially when he is available.

Ultra simple, you place your order as usual.
You will receive your gift code by email immediately with your order.

This voucher has a value of 10% on your next order with a value of 40 euros or more. It is used to its expiration date.

This code is not registered, so you can offer if you do not use it, it is disposable course.
Each command Caroline B offers a new one. Sure we love you!

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